Mis-Shapes - Press Release

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 Day Bed by Anthony HallPainting 2 by Anthony HallSide Table by Anthony Hall 

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Antony Hall ‘Mis-Shapes’
Paintings – Sculpture – Paper Cuts – Furniture


The Foundry Gallery, Market Lane Garage, 32 North Street
Lewes, BN7 2PH

Launch Friday 22 July 2011 6-9pm bar, Live music from ‘The Sticks’

Exhibition open- Saturday 23 July to Saturday 30 July
12-5pm closed Monday
Practical workshop for all ages and abilities- Wednesday 27 July 2-4pm


Antony Hall is a young artist who is already attracting the interest of galleries and buyers. He was raised in a creative household and had the opportunity to learn about art through the objects and works of art around him. From an early age Antony worked with ceramics, textiles, wood and metal. He also made constructions and mobiles and developed his unique style through combining diverse ideas and materials.

Antony often uses found objects; their intrinsic qualities and resonances lead his work.

Papercuts- Individually hand- cut. Strongly influenced by European and North American Folk Art but the decorative elements are balanced by references to contemporary issues.

Paintings- Most of the current work is painted in oil on wood panels. Many are semi abstract and include geometric shapes set in open spaces. The paint is applied in diffuse, atmospheric, soft layers.

Sculpture- The 3-D work is fashioned from wood collected from a variety of sources. The innate qualities of each piece are considered and adopted. A number of works are made using traditional carving and chiselling techniques others are made by cutting shapes out of flat lengths of timber. Some of the sculptures reflect constructions in the industrial landscape around his Stamford Hill studio.

Furniture-Structures which have practical uses, have evolved from a combination of the sculptures. paintings and paper-cuts. Large pieces of wood are hand-cut with a jigsaw and the processes of sculpture and simple carpentry overlap. Some surfaces are painted.